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A Guide to Being a Digital Nomad in the North: La Union

During the pandemic when almost all employees from around the globe were sent home to work, more and more people looked for options to create a fun working space. But let’s face it – looking at a screen in four corners of a room can get more boring in the long run. Due to the country’s restrictions, you can only really go the furthest in nearby towns or work from a coffee shop (if the internet speed is reliable). 

After almost two years and counting amidst the pandemic, the good news is – remote work is the sweetest option to keep your mind sane. Because if you can work from anywhere in the world, where will it be?

Overview of La Union

Last year in July, when the restrictions in La Union were still a bit controlled, I gathered all my courage to drive and start my life over. This was a time when I was working from home as a proofreader in a private company and my work environment at home can only be described by one word: BORING! 

So I thought, where can I feel extra inspired while working? I’ve been to the nearby beaches from Pampanga including Subic, Zambales, Bataan, and Batangas, but my soul longed for a bit further in the North – so I decided to try La Union.

In this article, we’ll feature all the major considerations that one should take note of when it comes to remote working in La Union. From coworking spaces’ comfortability, to internet speed, mode of transportation available, affordability, and more! Let this article serve as your guide to being a digital nomad in La Union – continue reading to learn more.

Coworking Spaces in La Union

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an accountant, a writer, or any professional from various industries looking for a quiet place to work – La Union is definitely one of the most recommended places to go to.

Here are the following co-working spaces available in San Juan & San Fernando City:

Baybayin Hub

One of the things I look for in co-working spaces as a digital nomad is comfortability and this place did NOT disappoint! If you prefer to be in a space where you can focus on work in a tropical vibe without distractions, Baybayin Hub is definitely the place to go. The parking( on weekend it’s’ hard to park here. Plan ahead to avoid hassle )  area is vast and their co-working space is located in a secluded area which will instantly make any digital nomad feel ready to work! The friendly staff warmly welcomed and assisted me along with the other remote workers in the area.

Bonus: Baybayin Hub has 2 branches, particularly, in San Juan & Bacnotan. Check out the summary that I created based on my personal observations for this coworking space:

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The Attic Room

This particular co-working space was popular in La Union so I had to see it for myself! Located near the tourist attractions and within the Great North West vicinity, The Attic Room had a classic and beachfront vibe that any digital nomad can enjoy. However, I had to park about 1km away from this area since the parking was full. 

As a local in La Union, it’s always been difficult to get a parking slot in this area. I tried to visit in the morning, came back during lunch time on 2 different days. I suggest, if you have a car, go there early especially on weekend because to park is a challenge.

Here is the summary that I created based on my personal observations for this coworking space:

In conclusion, The Attic Room is overall a good place for digital nomads who would like to work within the vicinity of various tourists and restaurants. For those who are looking for a quiet place or meticulous with your meetings and privacy. Check first the Great Northwest Food Park Park in San Juan La Union before you decide if the Coworking space fits in your preference. If you are looking for the best proximity for your convenience , you are in the right place! Almost everything you need is here.

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Located in the heart of San Fernando City, La Union, CollabSPACE has an executive-style for a co-working space. It is situated on the 2nd floor building in front of Manna Mall and has a pretty quiet & professional working area. 

Upon arrival, the manager gave me a quick tour of the co-working space and found out that they also have a private room for group seminars.

CollabSPACE is highly recommended for digital nomads who are in a formal work setup and prefer to work in a space without a view from nature. It is also fully-air conditioned and for the price of $4 | ₱250, you get to work for a maximum of 3 hours.

Here is the summary that I created based on my personal observations for this coworking space:

To summarize, CollabSPACE is highly recommended for digital nomads who prefer to work in an air-conditioned working area. 

During my visit in this co-working space on a Monday, there were no other remote workers and I was informed that their opening hours vary upon clients’ requests. In addition to this, since they are not serving food, they allow outside food without corkage.

However, if you consider yourself as a remote worker with an adventurous spirit, this co-working space might not be the best one for you! I also personally prefer to have a breathtaking view from the sea or a scenery of trees as it boosts my creativity to work.

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Why is La Union Perfect for Digital Nomads?

In my experience as a  digital nomad for a year in La Union, it’s a perfect destination for remote workers simply because you have everything that you need! From reliable internet connection to tasty island food, accessibility to public transportation and close proximity to tourist attractions — you definitely won’t  get disappointed. 

The local hosts are generally very welcoming and their dedicated workspaces will certainly give you comfort to be able to focus on work. And finally, once you are done with a long day in front of a screen, you get to be rewarded with the finest Elyu sunset like no other. 

If you are looking to combine WORK, STAY, PLAY, FUN & ADVENTURE that is close to Manila and regions neraby , La Union is definitely the place for you! Whether it’s Workation or Staycation, La Union got you. Here’s the highlights we believe are essentials for every digital nomad.

Internet Access 9/10

There’s a handful of coworking spaces in La Union but the good news is that you don’t need to worry about staying connected because most places like restaurants, cafes,hostels, resorts, hotels offer fast internet connection, wifi. Mobile networks from huge telcos are helpful if you are using your data as back up. 

Community 9/10

 A few hours of commute from Manila and regions nearby have a huge impact in diversity and openness. La Union Digital Nomad community we would say is emerging, to be able to really immerse yourself and experience and understand the people, culture and community you need to be there at least 1 to 2 months. Every group, community is different but the best part is we observe everyone has something in common to live, appreciate life, meet new people like minded people and build meaningful networks. There are regular events and meetups organized by locals, business owners and nomads from time to time. Once you get there you will see.  We suggest you join Surftown Market  FB group where everyone share and post what’s happening in La Union.

Fun 10/10

Talking about fun and adventure? La Union won’t let you down. There’s a lot of must-try outdoor activities in La Union. Beyond Surfing, La Union has more to offer there are hundred of fun activities to choose from like lagoon, hiking, waterfalls, caves, snorkeling, kayaking, standup paddle board, pottery class, group yoga, . The question we always ask ourselves is after surfing what other interesting activities can we do?


Here’s our recommendation that you might consider to explore and experience

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Man Made Forest

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Luna Beach

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Balwarte Watch Tower

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Occalong Falls


Immuki Island

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Pebble Beach

Man Made Forest
Balwarte Watch Tower
Luna Beach
Occalong Falls
Immuki Island
Pebble Beach
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