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About Us

Baybayin Hub 4th Nomad Workation Retreat is 5 days and 4 nights of Coworking & Co-Living with like-minded individuals in an inspiring, relaxing open stress-free environment. To intentionally love to boost his/her professional, business and personal growth at the beach in an informal setting

*No dress code
*No hard selling of products & services
*No forced networking

Just be yourself, Co-Work and Co-Live with us, be open to share, learn from others and get inspired!

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a digital nomad or corporate escape or building your own business? Then you are in the right community. Book your ticket and come join us and be part of one f the biggest digital nomad event in the Philippines!

Baybayin Hub was founded and started hosting events since 2020. This is our 4th annual Nomad Workation Retreat for the year 2023.

Baybayin Hub was launch during pandemic and over the last 2 years Baybayin Hub is become the second home and office of digital nomads in the Philippines. We have been featured in domestic and international media as the well known Booking Platform of Digital Nomads in the Philippines as we transform the traditional Resorts, Hotels, Homestay, Vacation home rental, Hostels, Apartment into Coworking & Co-Living Hub located at near by the beach and close to nature. Baybayin Hub aim the Philippines to be the next #1 Digital Nomad Hub in Asia and eventually to be the # 1choice destination Globally of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, Location Independent around the world.

Baybayin Hub has grown it’s members organically from 20 to a 5,000 +++ from the day we launch last October 1, 2020 up to present. We have hosted 3 Nomad Workation Retreats for the last 2 years located at Batangas, Bolinao Pangasinan and La Union Philippines with 15 to 25 attendees at the height of numerous lockdown. Now, it’s more calm and the fear is almost gone and everyone almost adapted in these pandemic crisis we are expecting more and more like-minded people will join us in our 4th Nomad Workation Retreat at Siargao Island, Philippines.

We are currently building an awesome facility and creating a better safe & workplace to work and grow, to increase their productivity and get inspired as we organize and host events, workshop and conference.

We do hope Baybayin Hub will become your second home & office and we can be a guide or help to overcome your challenges.
We offer a collaborative workspace, dedicated offices, and desks and all the services necessary to run a business in selected regions across the country like Bolinao Pangasinan, La Union and Siargao Island.

Baybayin Hub vision is to build a community that can inspire, influence, guide,help and motivate fellow like-minded people to support ideas by doing rather than planning. We are advocates of Work, Life-Balance that’s why we create a thriving work environment for our community.

It will be a safe space to learn, connect, build meaningful connections and develop skills, while giving back to the local community in La Union through our community outreach programs, focusing on education and environmental protection.