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Top 30 Tourist Destinations in La Union

La Union province is a stunning destination located in the northern part of the Philippines. Known for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and picturesque mountains, La Union is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Some of the most popular attractions in the province include the iconic San Juan Surf Resort, Tangadan Falls, and Pindangan Ruins. Visitors can also enjoy a range of water sports such as surfing, paddleboarding, and kayaking, as well as go on scenic hikes to enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscape. Overall, La Union is a must-visit destination for those looking to experience the natural beauty and charm of the Philippines.

La Union province is also known for its rich cultural heritage and traditions. The province is home to several historic landmarks and museums that offer visitors a glimpse into the local history and culture. One such attraction is the Ma-Cho Temple, a beautiful Taoist temple that is considered one of the oldest in the Philippines. Another is the Baluarte Watchtower, a well-preserved Spanish watchtower that dates back to the 18th century.

Aside from its natural and cultural attractions, La Union is also famous for its delicious local cuisine. Visitors can enjoy a variety of mouth-watering dishes such as pinakbet, bagnet, and longganisa, as well as fresh seafood caught from the nearby waters.

La Union is also a popular destination for those looking for a more laid-back and relaxed vacation. Visitors can simply soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches, enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear waters, or take a leisurely stroll along the shore. The province is also home to several world-class resorts and hotels that offer top-notch amenities and services.

In summary, La Union province is a beautiful and diverse destination that offers something for everyone. With its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, delicious cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere, it is no wonder that La Union is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from all over the world.

Tangadan Falls, situated in San Juan, La Union, is a well-known eco-tourism spot. Its chilly and crystal-clear waters provide a refreshing escape for tourists and locals alike during the summer season. This waterfall consists of three layers, each of which features a beautiful pool. The first layer is the tallest, reaching approximately 40 feet high. For the adventurous, the surrounding cliffs offer an opportunity to leap into the deep parts of the pools. Swimmers should take caution and have good swimming skills. Visitors can enter Tangadan Falls for a reasonable fee of Php 30 per person, and a guide fee of Php 500 per group (maximum of five persons) is also available. San Juan, La Union, is the primary jump-off point for the trek, which takes about an hour. Tangadan Falls is open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


The Ma Cho Temple in San Fernando is a place of worship for the Taoist community. Its construction began in 1975, and it is dedicated to Matzu, a Chinese goddess revered as the guardian of the sea. This explains why the temple is strategically positioned facing the ocean. Surrounding the temple are a variety of Buddha statues in varying sizes. In addition, there are several groves of mango trees on the premises. Visitors who happen to arrive during the fruiting season can count themselves fortunate, as they can pick and keep the ripe fruits.

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Pebble Beach is one of the top tourist destinations in La Union. A long stretch of the beach is covered with pebbles of varying sizes, so don’t expect to find fine, powdery sand here. Nevertheless, it is a stunning sight to behold, particularly during sunrise and sunset. Before diving into the waters, ensure that you are a proficient swimmer. The waves in this area are powerful and can quickly pull you into the deep parts of the sea. If you plan to swim here, it’s recommended to have an experienced swimmer nearby as a lookout. Pebble Beach is located in Bacnotan, Balaoan Road, Luna, La Union. It can be reached via a 45-minute jeep ride from San Fernando.

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Tapuakan River is one of the most secluded tourist spots in La Union, renowned for its crystal-clear waters originating from the magnificent mountains of the Cordillera region. It is one of the purest inland bodies of water in the province, and both locals and tourists adore visiting it to cool down and escape the sweltering midday sun. Aside from the pristine waters, the surrounding vegetation and white rocks and boulders provide stunning scenery. Visitors may also spot fish and crabs in the clear waters, but fishing is not recommended as it may damage the river’s ecosystem. For adept swimmers, there are several deep pools ideal for diving and jumping into. The Tapuakan River can be found in Pugo, La Union.

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Lotus Valley Farm is an idyllic haven that is worth visiting if you’re seeking a rustic paradise. This hidden gem is one of San Juan, La Union’s lesser-known tourist spots. However, if you’re a nature enthusiast who prefers to explore off-the-beaten paths, then this is the perfect destination for you. Unlike conventional farms, Lotus Valley Farm is a forest farm comprising thousands of flora and fauna species, naturally integrated into a self-sustaining ecosystem. You can discover various bamboo species, orchids, fruit trees, rare grasses, vegetables, rice paddies, and much more. Plus, the farm boasts mesmerizing lotus flowers! It’s worth noting that all crops grown here are organic. Additionally, if you’re planning to spend the night, there are cottages available for rent ranging from Php 5000 to Php 6000.

Lotus Farm La Union

Grape Farms

Did you know that you don’t have to settle for imported grapes? You can actually pick fresh ones yourself in the grape farms of Baung, La Union. These farms have become popular tourist spots, especially during weekends and holidays. You can explore multiple farms in the area, each with its own entrance fees and rates for the grapes. Baung’s officials are actively promoting these farms as a unique agricultural destination in La Union. So, if you want to have a fun and fruitful experience, head on over to the grape farms of Baung

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Balay Anito Falls got its name from the local term “Balay Anito,” which means “the dwelling of the spirits.” Many believe that spirits inhabit the falls, so visitors are advised to offer prayers when visiting. This La Union tourist spot is known for its 20-meter deep natural pool, perfect for taking a refreshing dip during hot afternoons. Balay Anito Falls is open every day, and there is no entrance fee. It is located in Lettac Sur, Santol, La Union.


Tuddingan Falls, formerly known as Burayok falls, is a must-visit natural wonder in La Union. It’s conveniently located just about seven kilometers from the town center. The trek leading to the falls is generally easy, except for a 700-meter paved pathway that visitors need to traverse before reaching the falls. Along the way, the trail is adorned with lush patches of forest, and visitors may even spot beautiful birds fluttering and chirping about. Tuddingan Falls measures around 70 feet and gracefully cascades like drizzles on beautifully layered strata rocks. Its naturally-built catch basin boasts of crystal-clear and cold waters that provide a refreshing and soothing respite. Entrance to the falls is free, and visitors can start their journey at Brgy Tuddingan in Naguilian, La Union. The best time to visit Tuddingan Falls is from July to December.


Pagoda Hill

Despite being a bustling city, San Fernando City still has places where you can relax and enjoy the view, such as Pagoda Hill. This hill offers a stunning panoramic view of the city and the vast ocean. It is also known as the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Park, symbolizing the friendship between the two cultures. It is recommended to visit in the late afternoon for a breathtaking sunset view, or at night to see the city’s beautiful lights.


Bulalakaw Falls is a majestic natural wonder of La Union, boasting a height of 30-50 meters. The tranquil pool beneath the falls is a perfect spot to take a dip and cool off in the refreshing, crystal-clear waters. Just 500 meters away from the falls, you can admire the stunning river that flows from the mountains of the Cordillera region. Entrance to the falls is free, and visitors are encouraged to make a donation for the guide fee. The jump-off point is located in Sitio Santol, Barangay Alibangsay, Pugo, La Union. The best time to visit is from July to December.

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Poro Point Lighthouse, located in the Poro Point Special Economic and Freeport Zone, is a historic structure that has been standing for over a hundred years. Its primary function has been to serve as a beacon of guidance for seafarers and ships since the Spanish era. As a testament to the lighthouse’s significant contribution, it serves as concrete evidence of the bustling marine trade during ancient times. To honor its historical significance, the “Sillag Festival of Lights” is celebrated every May.

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Occalong Falls, although not as towering as Tangadan Falls or other well-known waterfalls in La Union, has its distinctive characteristics to showcase. This waterfall stands at approximately 10 feet high and pours down into a sparkling swimming pool. A lovely forest envelops the falls, lending it a charming and picturesque ambiance. If you want to venture on a less-traveled route, make sure to include Occalong Falls in your La Union itinerary. For a nominal fee, you can rent one of the cottages available on the site. It’s advisable to bring your own food when visiting the fall

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Balay na Bato is a unique structure that lives up to its name, which means “house made of stone.” The stones and pebbles used in constructing the house were collected from Luna’s beaches, which is known as the Pebble Capital of the North and a major source of livelihood for the locals. The interiors of the house are decorated with painted pebbles and wooden sculptures created by a Korean artist. The serene and rustic ambiance of Balay na Bato makes it a popular venue for weddings, baptisms, birthday parties, and other events. Additionally, camping is an option, which allows for stargazing and meditation by the seashore, creating beautiful memories.

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Baluarte Watchtower is a remarkable historical destination that should not be missed when visiting La Union. Constructed during the pre-Spanish era, this watchtower functioned as a lookout point to safeguard against pirate attacks and other sea perils. Due to its imposing size, guards stationed at the tower could quickly alert and summon protection if necessary.

At the Baluarte Watchtower, you can catch a glimpse of Luna’s pebbled beach. The beach is vertically divided and appears to be in disarray due to erosion of its base and foundation. Despite its current state of decay, the locals take pride in this ancient tower as a representation of their unity and strength.

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Namacpacan Church

For those seeking a religious experience in La Union, the Namacpacan Church is a must-visit destination. It has been a significant pilgrimage site for devout Catholics, attracting thousands of visitors every year. The church played a vital role in history, serving as a sanctuary for those escaping from the colonizers’ cruelty. It is named after Our Lady of Namacpacan, and over the years, many miraculous events have been reported here. According to local beliefs, the Blessed Virgin Mary even appeared to the Cordillera natives at this site.

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The San Fernando Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of St. William, serves as the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Fernando in La Union. Annually, the municipality celebrates the feast of St. William every 10th of May.

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Bauang Beach is a top destination for swimming enthusiasts in La Union, offering a picturesque view of the northern Luzon’s rugged landscape. The sandy beaches are dotted with top-notch resorts, providing a comfortable stay for visitors. The beach is also a vital fishing ground for the locals, making for a delightful seafood experience. Visitors can engage in various water activities such as surfing, boating, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Additionally, there are land-based activities that can be enjoyed as well.


The Christ the Redeemer statue, towering at 25 feet tall, is situated on Reservoir Hill, providing a stunning view of San Fernando City and the bay area. Every Good Friday, a procession begins from St. William’s Cathedral and proceeds to the statue. There is no entrance fee, and it is open every day. The jump-off point is located in San Fernando, La Union.

christ the redeemer statue

The Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in La Union attracts thousands of Ilocano pilgrims every year due to the reported miracles and wonders associated with it. The image of Our Lady of Charity, which dates back to the 17th century, is believed to have protected the crops in the region.


Urbiztondo Beach is known as the go-to destination for surfing enthusiasts in La Union. It is also an ideal place for beginners to learn the sport, thanks to the presence of various schools and camps offering surfing lessons. Moreover, Urbiztondo Beach offers a wide variety of dining and nightlife options, making it an all-around destination. There is no entrance fee to access the beach, and the best time to visit is during the South Swell (July to October) and North Swell (November to March) seasons. It is located in San Juan.

Barangay Urbiztondo The Surfing Capital of the North

Loslosi Falls, situated in Sitio Nangalisan, Brgy Suyo, Bagulin, is one of La Union’s tallest waterfalls, although it can be unpredictable. During the dry season, it can be a mere trickle, but during the rainy season, it transforms into a stunning, roaring cascade with four layers, with the tallest reaching around 80 meters. It’s an off-the-beaten-path attraction that’s worth seeing.


Simminublan Falls is a serene and less crowded attraction in La Union that offers a more authentic experience for travelers. This hidden gem is mainly visited by locals, which allows visitors to experience the warmth and hospitality of the community.

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Bakes River is a refreshing gem in La Union, boasting of its clear waters and therapeutic qualities. It originates from the untainted forests upstream and is dotted with several small pools perfect for swimming and unwinding. Though still a rising attraction, it has already captured the attention of tourists seeking a relaxing getaway.

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Tinag-Amerikano Falls got its name from the story of an American tourist who fell into it by accident but miraculously survived. This beautiful waterfall is just one of the many stunning cascades located along the unspoiled Bakes River, making it a must-visit destination in La Union for nature lovers.

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The Bacsil Ridge Historical Marker is a significant site among the many tourist attractions in La Union. It serves as a tribute to the brave soldiers who fought during the Japanese invasion, with Bacsil Ridge being a prominent battlefield. The marker stands as a symbol of honor and recognition for the heroism displayed by these soldiers.


La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden

Looking for a family-friendly destination in La Union? The La Union Botanical and Zoological Garden offers a unique and educational experience. Spread over twenty hectares of rolling hills, this scientific garden is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Explore the diverse plant species that thrive in tropical, subtropical, and desert climates and learn their scientific names. The garden is also home to various wildlife species, making it a great place for children to learn about the natural world.


Bolikewkew Rice Terraces is a hidden gem in the hinterlands of La Union, offering a unique experience of walking through rice terraces and immersing oneself in the rustic ambiance and lush greenery. While the Cordillera mountains are known for their rice terraces, La Union boasts its own charming Bolikewkew Rice Terraces. Exploring these terraces is one of the exciting activities to do in the province.

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Immuki Island is a rapidly rising tourist attraction in La Union, providing a perfect escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. Visitors can explore several lagoons with clear turquoise waters and verdant plant life, as well as marvel at the infinite ocean and its mesmerizing waves.

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Paraoir Man-Made Forest

If you’re a nature lover looking for a unique experience, make sure to visit Paraoir Man-Made Forest in La Union. This forest may be man-made, but it is now home to various wildlife species, including some that have grown naturally in the area. Walking through the forest, you’ll feel like you’re immersed in the wild and can appreciate the beauty of nature. It’s a must-see destination for anyone seeking a break from the daily grind.

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Darigayos Beach is a stunning coastal area in La Union that offers more than 800 meters of white sandy beaches, which is quite uncommon in the province. The beach is surrounded by blue waters and colorful pebbles that add to its unique charm. It is slowly gaining popularity as an emerging tourist destination in La Union. is a stunning coastal area in La Union that offers more than 800 meters of white sandy beaches, which is quite uncommon in the province. The beach is surrounded by blue waters and colorful pebbles that add to its unique charm. It is slowly gaining popularity as an emerging tourist destination in La Union.

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