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Ultimate Guide to Pagudpud

Guide to Pagudpud

Where to work?

Our recommendation is:

Finding the perfect spot to work while indulging in local cuisine and ambiance is an adventure in itself. For a blend of productivity and culinary delight, several cafes and restaurants stand out as ideal workspaces. Café Bojeador, nestled in a quaint corner, offers a serene atmosphere with its picturesque surroundings, making it an excellent choice for those seeking inspiration. Its cozy interior and delectable selection of pastries and coffee provide the perfect fuel for a productive day.

Another gem is the Kapuluan Vista Resort‘s restaurant, boasting stunning ocean views and a tranquil ambiance that fosters focus and creativity. With a diverse menu featuring both Filipino and international dishes, it caters to various palates, ensuring a delightful dining experience. Lastly, Punta Azul Beach Resort‘s café provides a laid-back setting ideal for work sessions by the sea. Savoring freshly brewed coffee or enjoying a sumptuous meal while working amidst the soothing sound of waves creates an unmatched working environment. Whether seeking solitude or a collaborative space, these cafes and restaurants in Pagudpud offer the perfect blend of work-friendly amenities and gastronomic delights.

While Pagudpud, Philippines, isn’t known for its co-working spaces, travelers often find comfortable work environments in local cafes and beachfront resorts, such as Hakuna Matata Resort which offer Wi-Fi with 50-100mbps and peaceful surroundings conducive to productivity.

What to do?

Stay in town:

Patapat Viaduct has become one of the most popular spots in Pagudpud for its stunning views of the West Philippine Sea, as well as its lush landscapes that surround the 1.3km long bridge. This is also the fourth longest bridge in the Philippines, linking the rest of the Ilocos region to Cagayan Valley.

If you’re looking for somewhere to swim, I recommend Blue Lagoon which is famous for its crystal blue waters. As this beach is more developed than the other beaches in the area, they have more activities to offer like banana boating and surfing.

Just a 30 mins drive from the middle of Pagudpud is the famous Bangui Windmills, this attraction has no entrance fee. They are part of a wind farm on the beach that people visit to take amazing pictures standing with the mills. Not only is this wind farm the biggest in the Philippines but the 20 units on this farm also source out 50% of the electricity of Ilocos Norte.

By Bus:

Burgos: The main attraction in Burgos is the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse that has been standing for over 100 years, since the Spanish Colonial Period. This location, not only named a National Cultural Treasure, but also a National Historic Landmark. A 45 mins drive from central Pagudpud and a 20 Pesos entrance fee, you can enter the lighthouse and get a wonderful view of the ocean.

Batac: An estimated 2hr drive, you can visit the Presidential Center of former president Ferdinand Marcos. For 50 Pesos, you can enter the estate and view memorabilias from their family and the history of former president Marcos up to his presidency.

Vigan: A ~2 hr ride to Laoag before switching to another ~2 hrs to Vigan costing around 220 Pesos. You will be teleported into days when the Spanish still colonized the country with all the old roads and historic houses. I recommend riding the kalesa around to see the museums you could visit in the area.

Where to eat?

Of course, that highly depends on where you stay.

I will focus on the central, North-Western area as these are where most of the food places are.

Saud Beach is one of the most popular areas in Pagudpud, known for its pristine white sand beaches and clear waters. Along the beachfront and nearby streets, you’ll find several eateries and restaurants offering a variety of local and seafood dishes. Look for small local eateries known as “carinderias” or beachfront restaurants serving freshly caught seafood like grilled fish, squid, shrimp, and crab. These establishments often offer delicious and affordable meals that give you a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine.

Blue Lagoon is another beautiful beach destination in Pagudpud, offering a more secluded and tranquil atmosphere compared to Saud Beach. Along the shores of Blue Lagoon, you’ll find a few dining options ranging from simple beachfront eateries to resorts with restaurants.

Consider trying dishes like “bagnet” (crispy fried pork belly), “pinakbet” (mixed vegetable stew), and “tortang talong” (eggplant omelet) while enjoying the serene ambiance of Blue Lagoon.

For vegans / vegetarian diets:

BergBlick is a restaurant along the highway, near Cabacanan River. Surrounded by the fresh air of the countryside, you get to try the choice of German and Filipino cuisine while being surrounded by the green fields; although they have selected vegetarian choices, it is one of the few places that can meet your dietary needs that I can recommend.

Like a local:

In the heart of Pagudpud, you can find Wilac Food House, an open eatery that serves local Filipino food with and Ilocos twist. Here you can try various Ilocano food with fair portions for a good price, a must try food they serve that I highly recommend you try is Ilocano Empanada which is hard to miss as they have a bright orange outer shell.

For a date / with a view:

Most of the date worthy locations to eat or even one with an awe-ing view would be by the sea like La Cocina de Consuelo. This restaurant is located in a resort facing the open sea so you get a wonderful view of the beach while you eat; their speciality is seafood and Filipino dishes that you get to enjoy in their quiet, relaxing atmosphere. The food at this restaurant is in the mid range so it is quite affordable and can fit in the budget.

How to get to Pagudpud from: MANILA!

  1. By Air: The fastest way to reach Pagudpud is by taking a domestic flight from Manila Airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport – NAIA) to Laoag International Airport, which is the nearest airport to Pagudpud. Several airlines operate flights between Manila and Laoag, with flight durations averaging around 1.5 hours. Once you arrive at Laoag Airport, you can proceed to Pagudpud via land transportation.

  2. By Bus: If you prefer a more budget-friendly option and don’t mind a longer journey, you can take a bus from Manila to Pagudpud. Several bus companies operate routes from Manila to Laoag, with travel times ranging from 9 to 12 hours depending on traffic and stops. Once you reach Laoag, you can take a van or bus to Pagudpud, which is approximately a 2 to 3-hour ride.

  3. By Private Vehicle: Another option is to drive from Manila to Pagudpud. The journey takes around 10 to 12 hours by car, depending on traffic conditions and the route you take. You can follow the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and continue onto the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX) until you reach the North Luzon provinces. From there, follow the signs to Pagudpud.

How to get to Pagudpud from: CLARK!

  1. By Air and Land: There are no direct flights from Clark to Pagudpud, so you’ll need to take a flight from Clark International Airport to Laoag International Airport. Once you arrive in Laoag, you can take a bus, van, or rent a car to Pagudpud, which is about a 2 to 3-hour journey depending on traffic and mode of transport.

  2. By Bus: From Clark International Airport, you can take a bus to Manila, either through a shuttle service or by taking a taxi to a nearby bus terminal. From Manila, there are several bus companies that operate routes to Laoag. Once in Laoag, you can then take another bus or van to Pagudpud.

  3. By Car or Private Transfer: You can also opt to rent a car from Clark International Airport and drive to Pagudpud. The journey will take approximately 10 to 12 hours depending on traffic and road conditions. Alternatively, you can arrange for a private transfer service which offers a more comfortable and convenient option, however it will be at a higher cost.

How to get to Pagudpud from: CEBU!

  1. Flight from Cebu to Laoag: Start by booking a flight from Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB) to Laoag International Airport (LAO). Several airlines operate flights on this route, with varying schedules. Upon arrival in Laoag, you’ll be in the Ilocos Norte province, relatively close to Pagudpud.

  2. Ground Transportation from Laoag to Pagudpud: From Laoag Airport, you can take a bus, van, or private car to Pagudpud. Buses and vans are available at the airport or in Laoag city proper. The journey from Laoag to Pagudpud takes around 1.5 to 2 hours by road, depending on traffic and the mode of transportation chosen.

  3. Bus: The most common mode of transportation from Laoag to Pagudpud is by bus. There are regular buses operated by Farinas Transit, Partas, and other companies departing from Laoag Bus Terminal. These buses usually have signs indicating they are bound for Pagudpud.

  4. Van: Another option is to take a van from Laoag to Pagudpud. Vans can be found at the Laoag transport terminal or arranged through accommodations or travel agencies in Laoag city. Vans offer a faster and more convenient option compared to buses.

  5. Private Car or Taxi: If you prefer more flexibility and convenience, you can also hire a private car or taxi to take you directly from Laoag Airport to Pagudpud. This option allows you to travel at your own pace and possibly make stops at scenic spots along the way.

  6. Arrival in Pagudpud: Upon reaching Pagudpud, you can ask the driver to drop you off at your chosen accommodation or any specific destination in the town. Pagudpud is a popular tourist destination known for its pristine beaches and natural attractions, so there are various accommodations ranging from resorts to budget guesthouses available for travelers.

Ensure to check the latest travel advisories and transportation schedules before your trip, as they may vary due to factors such as weather conditions and local regulations.

How to get to Pagudpud from: DAVAO!

  1. Flight from Davao to Manila: Begin your journey by booking a flight from Davao International Airport (Francisco Bangoy International Airport) to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila. Several airlines operate this route, including Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and AirAsia. The flight duration is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

  2. Transfer to a Domestic Terminal in Manila: After arriving at NAIA, you’ll need to transfer from the international terminal to a domestic terminal since your next flight will be a domestic one. Follow the signs within the airport for domestic flights or take a shuttle if necessary. Make sure to allow ample time for this transfer as traffic between terminals can vary.

  3. Flight from Manila to Laoag: From Manila, book a flight to Laoag International Airport (LAO) in Laoag City, Ilocos Norte. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and SkyJet Airlines operate flights on this route. The flight duration is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

  4. Ground Transportation from Laoag to Pagudpud: Upon arriving at Laoag Airport, you’ll need to arrange ground transportation to Pagudpud, which is approximately 2 to 3 hours away by road. You can hire a taxi or rent a car from the airport. Alternatively, you can take a bus from Laoag City Bus Terminal to Pagudpud. Several bus companies operate this route, and the journey takes around 2 to 3 hours.

Ensure to check the latest travel advisories, flight schedules, and transportation options before your trip, as they may be subject to change. Additionally, consider booking your accommodations in Pagudpud in advance to secure your preferred lodging option.


Once you arrive:

  1. Hotel Transfers: Many hotels and resorts in Pagudpud offer airport or bus terminal transfers as part of their services. It’s advisable to check with your accommodation in advance to arrange for a pickup. Provide them with your arrival details, and they will coordinate the transfer for you.

  2. Tricycle/Motorcycle Taxi: Tricycles are a popular mode of transportation in Pagudpud. You can easily find them outside the bus terminal. Negotiate the fare with the driver before starting your journey. Tricycles are suitable for short distances and can take you directly to your hotel or drop you off at a nearby location from where you can walk to your accommodation.

  3. Public Transportation: Public transportation options such as buses and vans are available in Pagudpud. From the airport or bus terminal, you can take a tricycle to the town center where you’ll find the bus terminal. From there, you can catch a bus or van heading to your destination. Be prepared for potentially crowded conditions and longer travel times compared to private transfers.

When traveling in Pagudpud, it’s essential to plan your transportation in advance, especially if you’re arriving late at night or during peak tourist seasons when transportation services may be in high demand. Additionally, always confirm the fare with drivers before starting your journey to avoid any misunderstandings.