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🚀Baybayin Hub welcomes nomad ambassadors to explore the essence of Baybayin Hub. Apply now and become part of our rapidly growing community!

✨ Join the biggest Digital Nomad Community in the Philippines! ✨🌍 

Are you a passionate digital nomad, ready to inspire and connect with like-minded individuals? We’re on the lookout for ambassadors to join our vibrant community!

Embrace new and thrilling adventures! We’re seeking fantastic individuals to become part of the Baybayin Hub community, where you’ll be welcomed like family.

To qualify, you need to fulfill the following criteria: 

🚀 Perks: If you are from Philippines or Filipino

✅ Become the community local ambassador in your hometown from regional to national

✅ Exclusive access to networking events

✅ Featured content on our platforms

✅ Opportunities to collaborate with fellow digital nomads ( local and international )

✅ Showcase your expertise and experiences

If you are a foreigner you must be permitted to stay in the Philippines  legally. You should either be a tourist, nomadic, operate a full-time online business or be self-employed in a location outside of the Philippines. Additionally, you must be at least 19 years old and possess a proven track record as a content creator with a minimum of 3,000 actively engaged followers (verification will be conducted independently).


Discover numerous advantages of relocating to the Philippines , and here are some highlights to ponder. Firstly, we offer budget-friendly accommodation and access to a beachside coworking space. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to reside between Manila, La Union, Palawan, Siargao and Cebu  and enjoy weekend trips, giving you the best of both worlds.

🚀Accommodation: Free or  discounts 

🚀Coworking Space: Free or discounts 

🚀Digital Nomad Conference: Free or discountt


Experience the best of both lifestyles by dividing your time between City Life to Island Life . Immerse yourself in an authentic local environment, connecting with individuals from around the globe, and share valuable feedback to contribute to our continuous improvement.


Our community programs are thoughtfully crafted to provide ample opportunities for enjoyment, socializing, and networking. We take special care to involve the local community, ensuring you have an authentic experience that may not be easily found elsewhere.


Represent Baybayin Hub:

  • Serve as a positive and enthusiastic representative of Baybayin Hub.
  • Attend and organize events and functions as a brand ambassador of the community.
  • Must publicly announce you are Baybayin Hub ambassador, social proof

Promotion and Advocacy:

  • Actively promote Baybayin Hub across digital platforms.
  • Advocate for the benefits and values of the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • To promote and support our community to Improve their quality of life
  • By encouraging them to integrate work-life balance
  • Build and create meaningful relationships,networks and connections with like-minded people
  • Experience, Courage, Independence, Empowerment, Time and Financial Freedom
  • Promote digital literacy and share your digital skills to those who are need to be able for them to be part of the Digital space ecosystem

Community Engagement & Local Integration:

  • Foster a sense of community by engaging with fellow digital nomads.
  • Encourage collaboration and networking within the Baybayin Hub community.
  • Organize meet-ups,events in your community and be the local community leader 
  • Participate in local events and activities to integrate with the Baybayin Hub community.
  • Collaborate with local businesses and individuals to strengthen ties.


Content Creation:

  • Generate engaging content showcasing your experiences at Baybayin Hub.
  • Share insights, tips, and stories related to the digital nomad lifestyle.
  • Create and show your digital footprint with Baybayin Hub

Feedback and Improvement:

  • Provide constructive feedback to enhance the Baybayin Hub experience.
  • Suggest improvements and innovations for community programs and facilities.

Assist New Members:

  • Welcome and assist new digital nomads joining the Baybayin Hub community.
  • Share insights and guidance to facilitate a smooth integration process

Social Media Presence:

  • Maintain an active and positive presence on social media platforms.
  • Share updates, news, and highlights about Baybayin Hub regularly.

Collaboration with Management:

  • Collaborate with Baybayin Hub management to organize events and programs.
  • Contribute ideas for community growth and development.

Adherence to Guidelines:

  • Adhere to the guidelines and values set forth by Baybayin Hub.
  • Uphold the standards of the community and foster a positive environment

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? You can email us at [email protected] #baybayinhubAmbassador to apply!

Let’s build a thriving community together. 🌐💼

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