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The Baybayin Hub 4th Nomad Workation Retreat in Siargao


The Baybayin Hub 4th Nomad Workation Retreat
in Siargao

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Many of the people I have encountered in my 16 years of working as a remote worker remains to this day good friends of mine. And as I have observed with the residents of my coworking and co-living space, they too have created connections with the people they live with that will remain long after they have left the hub. This connection is what inspired me most.

Baybayin Hub’s coworking and co-living space is a curated community that gives importance to every individuals’ holistic wellness. A harmonious place where every custom is welcome and appreciated and skills are shared and learned with each other. Our community is an environment of safety and home to most people as our relationships to each other grow with respect as we learn and experience new things together.

Baybayin Hub community is a fast growing movement. There’s only a handful of people who practice the work anywhere lifestyle and that has a deeper understanding about what a co-living space really is about.

And in this crisis, it is not only the work and business we need to pivot, it is also our mindset that needs to shift for us to accept and embrace the new normal before anything else.

We focus on encouraging people to take a look at their lives and self-reflect on what really matters with the support of like-minded individuals. To constantly remind ourselves about compassion, humility and empathy. To adopt in these times we call “New Normal”.


Founder, Baybayin Hub